Oncology Rehab Manchester

Welcome to Oncology Rehabilitation Manchester, optimising Speech and Swallow.

We offer specialist consultation, assessment , advice and treatment for speech, voice and swallowing disorders (dysphagia) as a result of cancer or its treatments.

Whether your cancer treatment is current or you are living with and beyond cancer, you may still have speech, voice and swallowing problems that greatly affect your daily quality of life. The prospect of returning to work can seem daunting without the support of speech and language therapists to help you resume safe eating and drinking, and to communicate with confidence.

Eating and drinking difficulties can be embarrassing , and if severe, endanger your respiratory health, and inhibit confidence and socialisation. Being tube fed or having limited voice or speech after surgery for protracted periods is very isolating and can take its toll on your mental health.

Oncology rehab is here to help you.

We offer assessment and advice, so you have the tools to manage yourself and feel in control of your own progress.

We provide exercises for your speech, voice and swallowing muscles.

We support and encourage active participation in exercising at home, to enable you to resume work and family duties as soon as you can, or maintain as optimal function as you can.

We aim to empower you and can signpost you to other services that may help in your recovery. If your cancer treatment was before 2018/19, and you are still on a modified diet and are no longer actively under a speech therapist – we offer a review appointment to confirm the best modified food textures for you, using the new IDDSI framework.


Our Services

  • Specialist consultation and advice
  • Swallow prevention exercises before head and neck cancer treatment
  • Swallowing rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic tools to aide jaw and tongue mobilisation eg Therabite
  • Laryngectomy voice rehabilitation and product advice
  • Speech Therapy to improve your intelligibility
  • Swallow Check Up ; For those on modified food and drink ; know where your feeding and drinking currently sits within the new IDDSI framework.
  • Supportive care and End of life Support for swallowing and communication
  • Medico-legal assessment and report
  • Teaching and education to the public and health professionals in swallowing disorders, laryngectomy, role of speech therapy in cancer care.
  • Peer review visits


We offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation with you, or someone on your behalf, to discuss an assessment or treatment package to suit your needs.